Booth rental is available for those people who wish to sell, display, and
make the booth into their own store.  They are then responsible for
their own merchandise and restock of their merchandise.  We have
the vendors work two days a month per booth.  The following is an
outline of our policies and fees:

Booth rental:  $140 per month  (10 ft. x 12 ft space)
Wall Use fees - one time expense $50.00

Workdays:  2 workdays required per booth per month.  $50 per day
charge if unable to work the required days.
(Each additional booth acquired requires only 1 workday per month.  
2 for your first booth, 1 per booth after the first! )

Vendor Payments:  By-weekly payments to Vendors.  Sales tax
collected and returned toVendors.

Contract Lease:  30 day contract only.

Advertising Fee:  $15 per booth per event.  This is to cover the
extensive advertising that is done for each event.

Nickorbobs is open 7 days a week with the exception of major
10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Hilda's Antique Mall is located in the same parking lot with

There are
4 malls in this general vacinity for shopping convenience
for customers!  We have a high traffic flow
. We are located just
off I-55 South!!

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